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Even if you do have a court case this really is harder to work out? Do you find yourself suspicious of someone? Should you suspect the fidelity from your partner? Do you need the losing products mysteriously? Is among your family associates vanished with out giving a locate? Every one of these problems may perhaps be responded to by way of a individual investigator who may be now along the local your location. You could contact distinctive providers that give offerings detective firm to be of assistance in managing the truth to its bottom line.

The functions of the commercial investigator

Detective is someone who has the experience and unique comprehension to carryout an reconnaissance, monitoring and research expertly. Also, they are a legitimate guru who without a doubt provides extensive marketing and distinct tricks to remedy a difficulty.

Now the detectives can work very quickly backed up by progressively more superior development. He or she can keep an eye on particulars via the internet. They might get hold of other agencies to generate advice much faster. They career accurately from the events to speed up the whole process of monitoring and analysis. You will discover a disguised . camera indrinking glasses and writing instruments, fasten clip, bow tie up, so and head wear on,. That is certainly detectives have got professional tools these among jasa detektif.

Investigator be successful in an office to look into the truth via the internet. Later be employed in the area to actions reconnaissance somebody to stick to the concentrate on any place he journeyed. Investigators also interviewed several of these events.

The actual service delivered exclusive investigator

Investigators can also be handling the police, usually a investigator which might help do something about the situations obtained by way of the law enforcement. Investigator can be an investigator having top notch research. Some personal investigator services are:

a.Expert services inquiry

Detective has the capacity to research a suspect claim. They can also check into a distrustful unit. This is basically the most important assist furnished by the detective. They will be expert in carrying out research to eliminate an instance. They are able to also find information of a person’s identification. You may request assistance to examine a questionable human being or jeopardize your wellbeing.

b.Consulting offerings

For minimal occurrences which includes internal hardships within children or venture disorders inside your internet business. Then you can speak to to detectives and they can instantly react to your example and provide the suitable techniques.

c.physical structure and Safeguards defense service plan

Investigator service offers system protect care that can help you. You will get protection from them. Physique defense will give protection to surrounding your abode surrounding and anywhere you go.

7 list journey Jakarta Purwokerto

high-quality travel groups is that it has proper service, particularly from the begin till the reserving of tour offerings. So in case you intend to journey through using travel then you ought to discover a certified journey. For tour from Jakarta to the purwokerto or otherwise you can discover many travel organizations, however searching out a high-quality and dependable travel. For a listing of journey hotel murah di margonda depok Jakarta, Purwokerto see evaluate beneath.

wisata purwokerto

7 Purwokerto Jakarta travel list
1. Cipaganti
perhaps for folks who are familiar with tour among towns or among provinces is not any stranger to travel Cipaganti. Cipaganti enterprise imparting tour services course Jakarta – Purwokerto or Purwokerto – Jakarta. For the department workplace is placed at Jl. Saharjo No. 107D – South Jakarta. As for the cellphone range: 021-83794168, 93,332,323.
2. Dragon Jaya specific
Dragon Jaya specific journey company presenting transportation offerings to inter jemut direction Jakarta – Purwokerto or Purwokerto – Jakarta. Address crucial Jakarta at Jl. Lake above 121 Bendungan Hilir 10210 with phone numbers: 021-5738260, 5708260. The center addresses in Navan is located at Jl. KH. Muhammad Syafe’i Blok D No. 6 (future market Sarimulyo), Kebondalem, Purwokerto. To smartphone numbers: (0281) 635111 – 641666
3. Karuna travel
Karuna business enterprise offering tour offerings with one-of-a-kind centers Purwokerto Jakarta, for the departure agenda of the day simply one time is 19:00 proper for the route Jakarta – Purwokerto or Purwokerto – Jakarta. For the full deal with of the branch office at Jl. Dr Suparno No. 18A Purwokerto, at the same time as for momor tel: 0281-5653448, 5601926.
Four. New Banyu Biru travel
Jakarta journey agency subsequent Purwokerto: New Banyu Biru journey, journey marketers are 2 forms of automobiles are L300 and Daihatsu Luxio with different services and facilities. Significant deal with in jl. Setu kingdom, tomb happy No. Forty four sectors nine Bintaro Jakarta, for the smartphone variety: 021-96753368.
5. Rahayu journey
Rahayu journey offers tour services Purwokerto Jakarta to trip, travel retailers have a critical deal with in jl. Pegambiran No. 44, Rawamangun Jakarta with telephone numbers: 021-4702766.
6. Megastar kingdom journey
The journey business enterprise which has its headquarters on Jl. Supriyadi No. 124 Semarang provide delivery services among the pubic hair direction Jakarta – Purwokerto or Purwokerto – Jakarta with fleet Luxio and Elf, for more information can call to the cellphone variety: 0812 888 222 05.
7. Tri Kusuma tour
Kusuma tri journey corporation is one of the travel organizations that serve the commute path Jakarta – Purwokerta or Purowokerto – Jakarta. Tri Kusuma journey has a department office in Jl. Lt. Col. Arcawinangun Isdiman eight, Purwokerto 53113 whereas for cellphone numbers: from 0281 to 635,358.

Travel JakartaPurwokerto have the centers and the fee is different, so if you intend to travel the use of a travel then you may adapt on your wishes and budget. However because the course Jakarta – Purwokerto or Purwokerto – Jakarta have long distances then you definately higher pick out a journey corporation with entire centers and top quality in order that your journey can sense secure and relaxed. And to ensure the first-rate of the travel you then need to recognize the entire information from the route, departure time table, and the centers furnished.
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7 List Travel Jakarta Purwokerto

Quality travel companies is that it has good service, namely from the start until the booking of travel services. So if you intend to travel by using travel then you should find a qualified travel. For travel from Jakarta to the purwokerto or otherwise you can find many travel companies, but looking for a quality and reliable travel. For a list of travel Jakarta, Purwokerto see review below.

7 Purwokerto Jakarta travel list
1. Cipaganti
Maybe for those who are accustomed to travel between cities or between provinces is no stranger to Travel Cipaganti. Cipaganti company providing travel services route Jakarta – Purwokerto or Purwokerto – Jakarta. For the branch office is located at Jl. Saharjo No. 107D – South Jakarta. As for the phone number: 021-83794168, 93,332,323.
2. Dragon Jaya Express
Dragon Jaya Express travel agency providing transportation services to inter jemut route Jakarta – Purwokerto or Purwokerto – Jakarta. Address central Jakarta at Jl. Lake above 121 Bendungan Hilir 10210 with phone numbers: 021-5738260, 5708260. The center addresses in Navan is located at Jl. KH. Muhammad Syafe’i Blok D No. 6 (Future Market Sarimulyo), Kebondalem, Purwokerto. to phone numbers: (0281) 635111 – 641666
3. Karuna Travel
Karuna company providing travel services with exclusive facilities Purwokerto Jakarta, for the departure schedule of the day just one time is 19:00 good for the route Jakarta – Purwokerto or Purwokerto – Jakarta. For the full address of the branch office at Jl. Dr Suparno No. 18A Purwokerto, while for momor tel: 0281-5653448, 5601926.
4. New Banyu Biru Travel
Jakarta travel agency next Purwokerto: New Banyu Biru Travel, travel agents are 2 types of cars are L300 and Daihatsu Luxio with exclusive services and facilities. Central address in jl. Setu Kingdom, tomb happy No. 44 sectors 9 Bintaro Jakarta, for the phone number: 021-96753368.
5. Rahayu Travel
Rahayu travel provides travel services Purwokerto Jakarta to commute, travel agents have a central address in jl. Pegambiran No. 44, Rawamangun Jakarta with phone numbers: 021-4702766.
6. Star Kingdom Travel
The travel agency which has its headquarters on Jl. Supriyadi No. 124 Semarang provide transport services between the pubic hair route Jakarta – Purwokerto or Purwokerto – Jakarta with fleet Luxio and Elf, for more information can call to the phone number: 0812 888 222 05.
7. Tri Kusuma Travel
Kusuma tri travel agency is one of the travel agencies that serve the shuttle route Jakarta – Purwokerta or Purowokerto – Jakarta. Tri Kusuma Travel has a branch office in Jl. Lt. Col. Arcawinangun Isdiman 8, Purwokerto 53113 whereas for phone numbers: from 0281 to 635,358.

Travel JakartaPurwokerto have the facilities and the price is different, so if you intend to travel using a travel then you can adapt to your needs and budget. But because the route Jakarta – Purwokerto or Purwokerto – Jakarta have long distances then you better choose a travel agency with complete facilities and good quality so that your journey can feel safe and comfortable. And to ensure the quality of the travel then you need to know the complete information from the route, departure schedule, and the facilities provided.

Arumi: Every Film Have Advantages and Disadvantages

Arumi: Every Film Have Advantages and Disadvantages

Omnibus consisting of four short films directed by Emil Heradi (House Case), Lasja F. Susatyo (I thee), Ine Febriyanti (Good Morning, Risa!), And Chairun Nissa (Psssttt … do not tell anyone) , The four were chosen by Abduh Aziz through observation of the results of their previous films. “I was attracted to the character, approach and style of their own. Lasja with urban style pop, Ine, though somewhat young and the approach is not new, but have strength in detail, Ilun (Chairun Nissa) more naughty, and Emil, who I have seen before in a short film Maling State, he was quite strong, “said Abdu.arumi-bachsin_article_sosok

“We are: I, Teten Masduki, and friends Transparency International, it is trying a new method for the campaign through the film, trying to approach pop culture. Then the KPK with Management Systems International associated with USAID, joined in. The American government has a program for development the capacity of institutions that are considered to have concern with hd movie download democratization including corruption. They were interested, because we see a different approach, they want to try and believe, then finally they offer cooperation, “said Abdu said USAID’s involvement in funding the film. The film was released in noncommercial and screenings will be conducted by Transparency International. In the near future we Vs Corruption will be screened in cinemas alternative Kineforum, on 13 to 18 February of 2012.
Arumi return to acting in a comedy horror film Sundel Bolong shroud. After nearly a year’s absence from the big screen Arumi said he was happy at the same time longing finally get back to playing the movie. Despite playing in a horror movie, the star, who turns 18 on February 19, 2012 was still heartened by stating that a horror film is an interesting film. “I miss the big screen. Although this is a horror movie, but no less interesting to other genre films, since all films have advantages and disadvantages of each,” said Arumi.
Actually, the horror film is nothing new for 3 Hearts Two Worlds One Love. Arumi never played in the film Pocong Jalan Blora (2008) and Pocong Friday POND (2010). According Arumi, shroud Sundel Bolong forcing it to work harder. “This film is another new experience for me, because I am not a comedian. There is a heavier burden than drama. Had to find a way to make people laugh,” he explained.

As a young star, Arumi was quite prolific, has nine titles starring movie, even according Arumi in the near future he will return to acting in films with very different genres. Unfortunately, Arumi not want to tell me more about the next project. Arumi added that he would never choose offer him. “If it’s true role I never choose picky. As long as the norms are good, I will thank, and I also do not want to restrict the ability of picking me with the role,” added Arumi.

Film party in Southeast Asia Campus Binus International

Film party in Southeast Asia Campus Binus International

Department of Film, School of Media and Communication, Binus International organizes ASEAN Film Party: A Glance of Southeast Asian Cinema and Pop Culture filled by screening and public discussion to discuss the film and pop culture in the countries of Southeast Asia. One of the events which took place January 30 to February 1, 2012 at the campus Binus International, is screening Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines: Talentima (Yasmin Ahmad, 2009), Iron Ladies (Yongyoot Thongkongtoon, 2000), I Not Stupid (Jack Neo, 2001), and Jay (Francis Xavier Pasion, 2008).images

“Actually this is a regular program implemented by kineklub on this campus. Incidentally, on this occasion a special screening and discussion of Southeast Asian films, because very little exposure to the films of this region,” said Tito Imanda, Head of the Department of Film. He also explained, “For the last day, we will hold an open lecture with two guests, namely: Tilman h d movies download Baumgartel of Cambodia and Jag Garcia of the Philippines.”
“Program campaign against corruption, has always talked at great thing: the course of the legal and political issues. Suddenly people forget, that corruption exists in the life around us,” said producer Abduh Aziz explained about the omnibus We Versus Corruption launched January 26 last. “The film is meant to inspire the values ​​that we hold now. If we are talking about massive corruption at the state level, in fact at the family level, we might as well have done it. We hope to talk to little ones can have impact reflection of the audience, “added Abduh.
Tilman Baumgartel is a lecturer of the Department of Media and Communication, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Baumgartel also editor of the book Southeast Asian Independent Cinema, which contains a collection of essays, documents, and interviews of writers critics and filmmakers in Southeast Asia. While Jag Garcia is a lecturer in Digital Filmmaking program, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts, Manila. Tilman Baumgartel open lecture entitled “Cambodian Cinema and Pop Culture”, will take place at 4:00 p.m. to 17:00 pm. Previously, screened films recommended by Baumgartel at 1:00 p.m. to 15:00. While Jag Garcia open lecture entitled “Philippine Cinema and Pop Culture”, will take place at 17:00 to 18:00 pm. While at 18:00 to 19:00 pm will be held discussion “ASEAN Cinema and Pop Culture: Focus on Philippine and Cambodia”.

Ice Pot Makboy ~ Business Culinary Ice Cream With A Unique Packaging Pot

Ice Pot Makboy ~ Business Culinary Ice Cream With A Unique Packaging Pot

The ice cream is now a culinary favorite and popular for many people. No doubt, if now many businesses that have sprung up ice cream with different ideas, concepts and strategies. One of the ice cream business with a unique idea that came up was Ice Pot Makboy. Ice Pot Makboy itself was founded and is managed by a young man named Son Endah Lesmana.Es-Pot-Makboy-e1442975234777

Located at Jalan Raden Broken, left side of the old Studio 21, Baloi, Batam, Riau Islands, Ice Pot Makboy present an impressive dish of ice cream with a small pot packaging unique and interesting. Then as if the Ice Pot Makboy business itself? Here’s his review.

Business Inspiration

According to the founder of the Son Endah Lesmana, Ice Pot Makboy birth was inspired by the culinary and snacks are seen during a visit to Yogyakarta. There, the ice with potting media is quite desirable among students.

A few months later after of Yogyakarta, the Son was trying to apply the inspiration he gets from Yogyakarta, opening Ice Pot Makboy effort. According ice cream with potting media in the area of ​​Batam is still rare even yet prevalent.

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Name Ice Pot MakBoy

Given the name of this pot of ice caused by zoom is made as closely as possible with potted plants. If you do not carefully maybe you’ll think it is a pot plant. However, if observed in detail you will realize that it is an ice cream packaging plant pots.

Ice pot run Endah Putra Lesmana ice cream itself is packaged with a small pot. Its content is made similar to the plants in flowerpots. Complete with accents of flowers, stems, black soil, until the worms.

But do not worry all the components of the plant was edible because it is made from food ingredients, except for the flowers and of course its own pot that is only used as an ornamental only. How the worms and the soil? Ice worms on Makboy Pot made from grass jelly sliced ​​long or there are made of candy Yupi.

While the land itself an Oreo biscuit powder. As for Makboy name is the name that had been given the Son so that the feel of the Malay products was strong and easy to remember.

Ice Pot Makboy itself there are three variants or types offered are ice Pot Makboy vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. For the price is very affordable for all people even for the class of students. With prices ranging from Rp 10 thousand to Rp 12 thousand per portion, you can enjoy the delights of this Makboy Ice Pot.

Developments and Future Plans

Although still running for two months, but the Ice Pot Makboy already get a response in the community and Batam. As a result sales were pretty sold. Every day, there are always visitors who buy and even supply is always exhausted. Its uniqueness that presents the appearance of the packaging plant pots may be the main attraction for Ice Pot Makboy that are not included in the Batam to grab the attention of consumers.

Apart from the view, it seems that the appetite also become one of the attractions Es Pot Makboy. For his own business where Endah Putra Lesmana made with nothing too fancy. Being in the open space with the addition of some large umbrella, but still can give the impression of relaxed.

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When asked about plans for the future, this Lesmana Endah Putra want to bring Ice Pot Makboy into the atmosphere as cafes to indulge consumers. Given a more exclusive and certainly more #profesional son wished he could attract more corpulent consumers and customers. Currently own shop Ice Pot Makboy open daily from 11:00 am until 22:00 pm.

To facilitate the desire of consumers to be better able to enjoy Ice Pot Makboy longer hers, then sometimes the Son also adds to longer hours of operation. In the stall itself apart from providing ice pot Kesuke MakBoy there is also a dish which is an acronym of Ketan Milk Cheese.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures to Revamp Your Smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures to Revamp Your Smile!                   are   people  among  anyone   who   have to  think  sooner  they smile? Smiling  can be  something  The idea   that is to be  very  Private   AS WELL AS  nothing  In the event  ever put  you  off  through  smiling, especially discolored, broken  or  chipped teeth.  cosmetic  dentistry  is a  branch  regarding  dentistry  which   dealings   in  providing relief  to   people   which   usually are  suffering  coming from   any  sort  associated with  dental trouble  that  compels  an individual   into  thinking  before  smiling.  visual  dentistry procedure  contains   several   approaches   which   assist   within  perfecting  your  smile  of any  individual.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures to Revamp Your Smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures                   functional  Dentistry  currently   can  shape, brighten, shade, align,  AND ALSO  replace teeth  with   incredible  materials  AND ALSO  techniques.

When  your  smile  can be  healthy  AS WELL AS  beautiful,  ones   launch   may  follow.  initial   a good  improved self-image influences  a good   much better  dental hygiene  AND ALSO   a  improvement  inside   your  health.

Can  you   really  say you’re teeth  usually are  white?  As outlined by   the  poll  recognized   because of the  American Academy  involving   artistic  Dentistry (AACD),  Any time  asked, “What satisfied  you  least  about   your  smile?”  the   on the top   remedy   people  gave  am  tooth color.  visual  dentistry  ways   such as  tooth whitening  can   supply   an individual   a  whiter  AND ALSO  brighter appearance, allowing  a person   to  smile  inside  confidence.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

The blame for the humiliating fall of Real Madrid against Barcelona

There are so many “guilty” of newsprint Real Madrid against Barcelona at the Bernabeu on Saturday, it seems one of those lines that the police suspected of movies presented for victims identify the offender: a mix of drunks, criminals and detectives, one fat, one thin, the high and the low, all meaner look.


And like so many faces in the line leading hangman, poor old lady assaulted make you want to cry. “Everyone, Commissioner, all these stole my wallet”

A large segment of the hobby and many commentators tell us that the main culprit was the coach Rafael Benitez, for “betraying” his personal conviction, that is cautious, and bet on the favorite align offensive team leaders … and also the fans .

Another view says “the lack of attitude and commitment” of the team in general or at least several important players, a cardinal sin in a club that is rightly proud of their fighting spirit.

Also, of course, there are those who point to the ultimate responsibility of club president Florentino Perez, a very successful businessman accustomed to impose their will and often buy and sell players and outbursts and prestigious commercial considerations rather than the needs sports that will raise their coaches.

(These whims take him to hire James Rodriguez, great player who did not need but was a great success, but also to make the mistake of rejecting Ronaldinho, supposedly for their “physical ugliness”, instead buying the handsome David Beckham .)

Florentino Perez has some megalomaniac little air that leads him to always want the best, or most expensive, which for him is the same. If I were a musical entrepreneur, all the instruments in his orchestra would pianos; and not of any brand but Bösenforder or Steinway.

The problem is that the orchestra also need other instruments, less grandiose: we need violins, flutes, horns, until some castanets …

Technically, players and president are suspected, judging by the audience reaction at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and the flood of columns, blogs, tweets and radio and TV programs that have addressed the issue.

Rafael Benitez is known for his obsession with balance, both tactically and in matters of discipline and organization. At first glance there is nothing negative in this preference, but what some interpret as a search for balance as others say caution and penchant for defensive planteos, and this is said with insulting mood.

It is said that the technical renounced the men who had given the desired balance (Casemiro, or maybe Jesse Lucas Vázquez) and to align “the favorite of the president” not only betrayed his professional conviction but also those players.

Some commentators justify the choice, saying that for the first time in a while Benitez had all their staff, since nursing was empty and had been working with almost all its players during the international break, unlike his opponent on Saturday: this will I would have given confidence to pose a bolder, who asked the President and CR7 and Sergio Ramos, among others the locker room.

This boldness imposed a high proportion of ball control, good communication lines and a pressure well above the adversary. These men had shown they could do that … but unfortunately in different circumstances

The problem is that Cristiano Ronaldo, either because they do not understand or do not like the position 9 or hate waiting for balls back to goal, or because you are too tired, or you want to go to Man United and PSG, or because He is upset with President (who prefers Bale), or because it violates the technician, or this is not the CR7 before.

And it also happens that Gareth Bale plays (when playing, because usually injured or uninterested) where you want it but not where it should play, with the result that their contribution is not very productive.

And do not forget that Karin Benzema, another set of pressure, is accused of complicity in a nasty case of extortion of a fellow national team, which could cost the prison: in these circumstances it is not surprising that he was lost in the field.

And James has not yet regained his best form after a long absence; and Toni Kroos is off, and Luka Modric puzzled, and Danilo is a ghost, and Ramos plays infiltrated … and Keylor Navas, the decisive man of good initial campaign, this time left to spend four cucumbers.

All this points equally to the players and Rafael Benitez in the line of suspects: they were guilty of incompetence, or overconfidence or at least underestimated the power of the adversary, who was playing well, yes, but against rivals minor and not count fully with their talisman, Lionel Messi, whose recovery was in doubt.

They met, however, with a well-oiled machine by coach Luis Enrique, whose self-confidence is a show after the treble, and also good luck harmony between Messi, Suarez and Neymar (“it’s amazing that these three monsters can live so well, “said Diego Simeone), has an excellent Iniesta, Alves a good, solid Busquets and even the consecration of another squad, Sergi Roberto, 23.

Also, and this should already much trouble the leaders meringues, is the finding that the Barcelona is getting used to win at the Santiago Bernabeu … and win by a landslide. Echoes of the ball, a site analysis and frequented by surfers comments, called his comment “0-4, Barca in their favorite stadium.”

It is likely that President Perez Benitez support for now (to dismiss him now would be admitting he was wrong to dismiss Carlo Ancelotti), but in pañolada and the boos he received from fans on Saturday, was a clear warning.

Not that its stability is at risk: between elected leaders, who do not own their clubs, Florentino Perez is the safest, virtually irreplaceable.

It happens that the new statutes of the club (approved by the membership during its previous management), requires candidates for president have 20 years as partners (previously 10) and endorses his own fortune (certified by a bank) up to 15% of the annual budget of the club. Can you imagine how rich one must be to give that guarantee?

It takes at least 88 million euros as collateral, deposited in a bank, that is immobilized. Before the endorsement was less stringent and burdensome requirements.

Florentino Perez was the only candidate who ran for election in 2013, since due to the introduction of these changes could not do candidates as Vicente Boluda, Eugenio Martinez Bravo or Borja Martinez-Laredo.

Justice must be issued on Wednesday on the legality of these requirements, at the request of members of Real Madrid.

FFI 2012 Tentative Held December 8

FFI 2012 Tentative Held December 8

Has become a tradition, Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) held in the first week of December. Because it is usually at the beginning of the second half FFI implementation plan and agenda, including the opening of the film registration of participants, has been informed open through the launch event. But to enter the third week of September there has been no news regarding the implementation of FFI in 2012.

images (5)

FI contacted the Director of the Film Industry Development Kemenpareraf, Syamsul Lussa, to ask for an explanation. “I am not a member of the executive committee so do not know in detail about that,” he said. But he made sure that the FFI in 2012 still held as in previous years, and the launch will take place in early October.

According to Syamsul, the Organizing Committee, which is appointed by decree x movies 8 Menparekraf, was officially formed two or three weeks ago. As last year, this year the committee also temporary. After conducting FFI 2009 and 2010, the Working Committee of Indonesian Film Festival (KKFFI) chaired Niniek L. Karim frozen so that the implementation of FFI 2011 made by the committee are appointed by decree miniter.

Although not mentioned in the decree, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of FFI 2011 Abduh Aziz when it says, “this committee will only work one year because next year FFI began organized by the Film Agency of Indonesia (BPI), which immediately established under Law No. 33 of 2009.” Due until now BPI has not yet formed, for this year Menparekraf raised entirely new committee. Duto Sulistiadi, a former television practitioners who had been a committee FFI 2007 and 2008, is believed to be the Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

As far as is known Syamsul Lussa, evening peak FFI 2012 will tentatively be held on Saturday, December 8th. “All combined, the announcement of the winner of the Citra (fim cinema, short, documentary) as well as Vidia Cup (TV movie),” he explained. If no one gets, the event is planned to be held outside of Jakarta, which is one of three possibilities: Semarang, or Solo, Yogyakarta. In the next week the new committee will do an assessment.

Judging movies, which this year coordinated by the producer / director Aditya Gumay, most likely done exactly like last year. In the early stages of the Nomination Committee membered number of workers will be set featured films in several categories. After that in the second stage of the jury selecting the winners. As for judging the short films, documentaries, and television only carried out by each of the jury, since the establishment of seed up to the election winner.

While waiting for the official launch, at least this early information to answer a number of questions from various circles of the film industry clarity regarding the implementation of FFI in 2012.